Psychology Program Outcomes

  • Students who complete the Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology program will have accomplished the following outcomes.

    Develop knowledge of the Theory and Content of Psychology.

    • Explain the major concepts and theoretical perspectives of psychology.
    • Apply psychological principles to personal and social issues.

    Develop knowledge of Research Methods in Psychology.

    • Apply basic research methods in psychology.
    • Use quantitative psychological data, such as graphs and statistics

    Develop Critical Thinking Skills as related to the field of Psychology.

    • Use critical and creative thinking, skeptical inquiry, and the scientific approach to solve problems related to behavior and mental processes.

    Develop skills in Information and technological literacy.

    • Use computers and other technology for many purposes, such as retrieval of information from other relevant databases.

    Enhance their Communication Skills as it relates to the field of psychology.

    • Apply effective communication techniques.
    • Apply APA format to written work.

    Develop awareness of Cultural Diversity as it relates to the field of psychology.

    • Explain the complexity of socio-cultural and international diversity and how it influences our understanding of behavior.

     Develop interpersonal and intrapersonal reflective skills.

    • Reflect upon and describe their own and others’ behavior and mental process.
    • Explain and apply principles of ethics and respect for individual, social, and cultural differences in psychology.