Commonly Asked Questions

What is the Engineering Transfer Program?

  • The Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) Engineering Transfer offers an affordable, convenient and comprehensive pathway to your chosen career. BCCC’s rigorous general engineering curriculum allows graduates to transfer to any four-year institution to obtain a bachelor’s degree in one of more than a dozen fields of engineering. The two-year program culminates in an associate of science degree. A formal agreement with Morgan State University facilitates transfer to its engineering program.

What Careers Use These Skills?

  • Graduates of the BCCC program are prepared for transfer to bachelor’s degree programs in any field of engineering. Depending on the chosen field, holders of a bachelor’s degree can go on to become mechanical engineers, civil engineers, chemical engineers, electrical engineers, biomedical engineers

    or petroleum engineers, with many other options available.

    • Civil engineers earn a starting salary of $57,950 and a median income of $81,250.
    • Maryland is one of the top paying states for mechanical engineers, who earn a median income of $92,800.

What Courses Will I Take?

  • Always check with an advisor to determine what courses to take. All BCCC students must meet the College’s computer literacy requirement in order to receive a degree or certificate. All students are required to complete the PRE 100 course within the first six credits. PRE 100 is an academic achievement preparation course earning one credit.

What Will I Learn?

  • Students will learn to:

    • Evaluate indefinite and definite integrals.
    • Differentiate and integrate multivariable functions.
    • Solve first-order, ordinary differential equations.
    • Use Newton’s Laws to analyze an object being acted upon by a system of forces.
    • Solve electricity and magnetism problems.
    • Use AutoCAD to produce engineering drawings.
    • Solve static equilibrium problems.
    • Solve dynamics problems.

What Degree or Certificate Can I Earn?

  • You can earn:

    • Associate of Science in Engineering

    This degree program provides a strong general engineering background for students who wish to transfer to the third year of a specialized engineering program. Because it is not possible to satisfy the entry requirements for all engineering programs, some students may need to take additional courses.