Program Learning Outcomes

  • Health Data Management
    • Collect, maintain, and analyze health data.
    • Apply healthcare information requirements and standards to the organization and accuracy of data.
    • Use, maintain, and validate clinical classification systems.
    Health Statistics, Biomedical Research, and Quality Management
    • Collect, maintain, and report healthcare for research and quality management.
    Health Services Organization and Delivery
    • Apply laws and standards related to health information initiatives from various levels and from healthcare providers.
    • Adhere to healthcare privacy, confidentiality, and ethical standards.
    Information Technology and Systems
    • Use technology, including hardware and software, to ensure data collection, storage, analysis, and reporting of information.
    • Maintain data security.
    Organizational Resources
    • Use tools and techniques to monitor, report, and improve human resources.
    • Manage and monitor financial and material resources.