Commonly Asked Questions

What is the Respiratory Care Program?

  • The Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) Respiratory Care Program prepares students to work as respiratory therapists, aiding patients who are experiencing difficulty breathing or who suffer from respiratory diseases such as asthma or emphysema. In addition, a respiratory care practitioner provides diagnostic and rehabilitation services to cardiopulmonary patients.

    The two-year program leads to an associate of applied science degree. Graduates are qualified to provide respiratory care under the direction of a licensed physician, to patients in acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, long-term care centers, physicians’ offices and home care agencies.

What Careers Use These Skills?

  • Graduates of the BCCC program are prepared to work in the fields of respiratory care, pulmonary function testing, and polysomnography (the study of sleep).

    • Respiratory therapists earn a starting salary of $51,900 and a median salary of $65,750.

What Degree or Certificate Can I Earn?

    • Associate of Applied Science in Respiratory Care

    Program graduates are eligible to take an exam leading to the credentials of Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT), Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT), Certified Pulmonary Function

    Technologist (CPFT), and Registered Pulmonary Function Technologist (RPFT).

What Will I Learn?

    • Identify location and function of lung structures involved with gas exchange, normal/healthy lung function, causes and effects of lung dysfunction
    • Provide and properly assess: procedures and techniques that provide supplemental oxygen, aerosolized medications, lung inflation maneuvers, mechanical support, specialty gases, lung re-expansion and artificial airways.
    • Obtain arterial blood specimens, lung and/or tracheal secretions for laboratory analysis, patient lung volume measurements and non-invasive measurements of patient blood oxygen and carbon dioxide values.

What Courses Will I Take?

  • Always check with an advisor to determine what courses to take. All BCCC students must meet the College’s computer literacy requirement in order to receive a degree or certificate. All students are required to complete the PRE 100 course within the first six credits. PRE 100 is an academic achievement preparation course earning one credit.