Program Learning Outcomes

    Students are expected to learn the following within the Physical Therapist Assistant Program:

    Physical Therapy Services

    Explain the structure and function of a normal human body.

    Apply knowledge of the structure and function of the normal human body, while delivering patient care within an established plan of care.

    Perform safe, effective, and entry-level physical therapy services (such as assisted movement, exercise treatment and heat/cold therapy) under the guidance of a physical therapist.

    Interpret and implement a treatment plan.

    Educate the client or caregiver in therapeutic exercise, functional training in self-care, and work integration and reintegration.

    Career Development

    Explain the options available in the field of physical therapy.

    Identify the activities necessary for acquiring and maintaining licensure and continuing competence.

    Interaction and Communication

    Seek input from the Physical Therapist to modify physical therapy interventions according to patient response or change in status.

    Write and verbally report comprehensive, accurate, organized and timely patient communications that meet the legal requirements of the profession.

    Adhere to conduct and ethical behavior as described in the Standards for Ethical Conduct for the Physical Therapist Assistant.

    Show respect for differences encountered in interactions with individuals from other ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

    Critical Thinking

    Use critical thinking skills as demonstrated through sound clinical judgments and practices.