Departmental Overview

  • The Director of Public Safety report to the College’s Vice President for Business and Finance, and oversees all internal and external security systems for the various college locations citywide. The DPS is comprised of three units:  Command, Patrol and IT Security:


    The Command Staff has the responsibility to ensure that all personnel are in compliance with departmental and college policy and procedures.  Additionally, the Command Staff must ensure that all law enforcement personnel are in compliance with the Maryland Police Training Commission (MPTC) policy and procedure annually.    


    The Patrol unit has the ultimate responsibility to ensure that the college is safe from any unusual activity that would impede the learning environment.  This unit provides onsite view of all criminal activity in which the division will collaborate its efforts with the local law enforcement agency.  This unit also ensures that all parking violations are cited for compliance of the college’s parking policy.

    Information Technology (IT) Security

    This unit manages and oversees all implementation of IT Security systems within the college community.  The unit provides professional knowledge and skills to ensure that the appropriate equipment is purchased and installed.  This units’ ultimate goal is to ensure that all IT Security equipment will enhance a safer environment for learning at BCCC for students, staff and faculty. Additionally, the IT Investigator conducts all investigations as directed by Command in matters of crime and employment.

    Organizational Structure

    The Baltimore City Community College Public Safety Department is comprised of two divisions:  Command/Administrative Division and the Operations Division. 

    Command/Administrative Division

    The Command/Administrative Division is under the direct command of the Chief of Police.  The Deputy Chief and Administrative Assistant are within this division.  This division is accountable for all administrative matters of Public Safety to include Pay Roll. 
    The Administrative Assistant’s responsibility is to support the Chief and Deputy Chief of Public Safety including but not limited to transmission of the FTP file for Pre-Tax Parking. Coordinating office services, budget preparation and control, record keeping, simplify reporting procedures and budgetary requirements. Also orientation of new employees regarding submission of pay roll forms, make travel arrangements, check time sheets for Payroll, schedule meetings, make service request, answer phones, receive, sort and distribute mail, ordering and controlling the orderly distribution of supplies and filing, compile, store and retrieve management data using a computer. 

    Operations Division

    The Operation Division consists of all Police Supervisors and Officers (Police, Building Security Officers, and Contractual Building Security Officers) which function in an operational (Patrol) mode.  The Police Supervisors report directly to the Deputy Chief of Public Safety (Chief in absence of Deputy Chief) and all Officers report directly to their prospected Supervisor.
    The Operation Division is responsible for patrolling the properties of Baltimore City Community College.  Patrol is to ensure the safeguard of all Persons working, studying and visiting the College and the security of College property.

    Command Structure

    1. The Chief is the highest-ranking officer within the Baltimore City Community College Public Safety Department and is responsible for administering the office in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and directives from the President of Baltimore City Community College and its Board of Trustees.
    2. The Deputy Chief of Public Safety is second in command and serves as the principal Operations Officer of the Department under the direction of the Chief.  Whenever the Chief is absent, the Deputy Chief shall assume command of the Department.
    3. The Police Supervisor is third in command of the Department and is supervised by the Deputy Chief.  Whenever the Chief and Deputy Chief are absent, the Police Supervisor shall assume command, depending on the Seniority of the Supervisor.  No Supervisor is superior to the other; they all serve equally and share equal responsibilities. 
    4. Police Officer III is a working officer within the Operations Division.  PO III assumes responsibility of Lead Officer only when the Shift Police Supervisor is absent.  At all other times, the POIII is a working officer.   
    5. PO II and Building Security Officers are working officers at all times.  If by chance, the Police Supervisor and Lead Officer is absence, it shall be the responsibility of the senior Police Officer, followed by the senior Building Security Officer to notify the Deputy Chief and/or the Chief upon first discovering the situation.
    6. Contractual Security Officers are working officers at all times. 

    Standards of Conduct   

    Members of the Baltimore City Community College Police Department are required to adhere to standards of conduct and discipline in their professional and private lives that will not reflect unfavorably upon the Department, its members or the College.  


    Members of the BCCC Public Safety Department shall meet the Community with respect and courtesy at all times.  At no time shall we engage in hostile attitudes or use vulgar language when meeting the Public.  Our demeanor shall always be friendly and never hostile.  Customer Service Skills are the rule and not the exception.  Violation of this order shall be deemed “Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer” and subject to discipline in accordance with Article 31, MOU and/or the LEOBR.