Application Process

  • Dental Hygiene Associate of Applied Science Degree Dental Hygiene Selective Admission Criteria and Process

    (Effective with the Fall 2017 entering class)
    Listed below are the requirements that must be completed by all students seeking admission  in the Associate of Applied Science Dental Hygiene Program.

    Completed BCCC College Application must be submitted prior to applying to the program.
    Prerequisites for admission into the Dental Hygiene Program include:
    The  following  to  be  completed  prior  to  the  Spring  Semester  for  Fall  Pre- Clinical admission.

    1.   All developmental coursework (math, reading and writing sequence) with a grade of “C” or 

    2.   Completion of PRE 100, ENG 101, BIO 107, BIO 212, and CHE 105.

    3.   Overall G.P.A. of 2.5 or greater on a 4.0 scale (Applications will not be ranked if
    G.P.A is lower than 2.5).

    4.   A grade of “C” or better must be achieved in all science courses.  Science courses must be 
    completed within five (5) years of admission to the Dental Hygiene Program.

    5.   Mandatory Dental  Hygiene  Information  Session  Attendance  (must  be  present  for mandatory 

    6.   All applicants must take the current Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) (2 attempt 
    limit). Test scores must not be older than one year.

    7.   All applicants must pass the Biology 101 Placement Exam.

    8.   All applicants must meet the college’s computer literacy requirement.

    9.   All applicants must sign and date the Dental Hygiene Essential Standards.

    Application will be available on the Dental Hygiene webpage no later than last Friday in October.
    Ranking System for Admission to Dental Hygiene Program (Based on possible maximum score of 74 points.)

    Ranking for entrance into the Fall Dental Hygiene class will be completed following mid semester
    of the preceding Spring session. Points will be allocated based on the following criteria:

    1.   Science G.P.A.: (Minimum grade of “C” required in each course)

    3.8 – 4.00        37 points            3.0 – 3.19               21 points
    3.6 – 3.79        33 points            2.8 – 2.99               17 points
    3.4 – 3.59        29 points            2.6 – 2.79               13 points
    3.2 – 3.39        25 points            2.5 – 2.59                9  points
    2.   Cumulative G.P.A.:

    3.8 – 4.00         18 points           3.0 – 3.19               10 points
    3.6 – 3.79         16 points           2.8 – 2.99                8 points
    3.4 – 3.59         14 points           2.6 – 2.79                6 points
    3.2 – 3.39         12 points           2.5 – 2.59                4 points
    3.  Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

    Exemplary                       4 points
    Advance                          3 points
    Proficient                         2 points
    Basic                               1 points
    Developmental                 0 points
    4.  Completed Courses:

    3 points will be deducted for each of the following courses not completed prior to admission.
    3 point will be added for each of the following courses completed prior to admission.

    DNT 200 Nutrition for Health Sciences
    PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
    MAT 107 Modern Elementary 
    Statistics SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
    SP 101 Fundamentals of Speech Communications

    5.  Ranked Application from Previous Year:            10 points

    Any courses with D or F grades will not be accepted.


    BCCC reserves the right to modify the above regulations/requirements and point designations at    
    any time in the student’s enrollment. The outlined point system should not be deemed an    
    irrevocable contract between Pre-Dental Hygiene Students and Baltimore City Community College.

BCCC Dental Hygiene Applicants

  • •   Applicants  not  admitted  to  the  program  who  wish  to  be  considered  the following year must re-apply.

    •   Applications will be ranked according to the procedures above to determine their total points.

    •   Students with the highest total points will be accepted f o r t h e 20 s e a t s  in ranked order. In case of applicants with the same number of total points, the applicant who has submitted her /his application first will get the first consideration.

    •   Applications with requirements completed by the Fall deadline will be  ranked  first. Other applications may be considered for admissions if requirements will be completed by Spring (based on seat availability).

    NOTE: To be considered, application must be received by the deadline date and time.

    Notification letters will be mailed in early May. Applicants will have 5 days to formally declare their acceptance to the program, no exceptions. If you do not  meet   the minimum requirements, were not accepted or you declined your admission, you must submit a new application if you wish to be considered for the next year. You must also attend another Mandatory Dental Hygiene Program Information Session.

    The program uses CastleBranch Background Check that all students, once accepted into the program, must participate.