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    Main Office: MNB 117  

    Phone: 410-462-8568   Website:

    The Center for Academic Achievement (CAA) offers free academic support to all Baltimore City Community College students. We are committed to your success, and we offer a wealth of tutoring and related support services for you.

    We encourage you to take advantage of the tutors, tutoring centers with computers, study spaces and textbooks, Better Student Workshops, online tutoring and online resources available to you that can help you master the basics as well as more complex coursework.

    CAA Tutoring center

    The CAA tutoring centers are more than just places to come to work with a tutor or get information. They are comfortable spaces where you can come and study on your own or with a study partner or even with a study group. Our tutors can go over assignments with you, answer questions, provide practice materials, and generally help you to strengthen your academic skills and master your course material. 

    If you don’t have a computer at home, come and use one of ours. It’s all free!

    If you want a head start in your studies or if you are struggling in a specific course, the sooner you tap into these resources, the faster we can help you get on your pathway and stay there.

    Do you know how much you can learn by studying with a study group? The CAA staff can show you how to form a study group and good study group principles to follow.

    CAA Study group

    We want to help you do well on your current assignments, but more than that we want to help you discover within yourself the keys to your continuing, growing success as a learner.

    Our Better Student Workshops are excellent opportunities to learn more about effective learning skills, time management, stress management, and test taking. Come learn these skills and about the great benefits of working with a tutor.

    We’re on Canvas! Visit your course Canvas site and click on Tutoring Services.

    CAA Tutoring

    “Tutoring was very helpful and I wished I had come in earlier.”

    Center for Academic Achievement

    Better starts here.