About Our Team

  • BCCC Counseling Team

Angela Donn (counselor)

  • Angela Donn Angela Donn, LCSW-C, is a clinical social worker with over 15 years experience working with families living in Baltimore. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Fordham University in New York. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, with a Minor in Art Therapy from Buffalo State College.  Angela believes that effective therapy is a collaborative process that can help the student gain awareness, help foster action, and create a more satisfying life. Everyone experiences periods in their life that that can be challenging and adding extra support through developing a safe and respectful relationship with a therapist can help in overcoming both short term specific situations or long term issues. Angela loves to see the resiliency her students possess and enjoys helping them in their journey at BCCC and beyond.

Dania Uritskiy (counselor)

  • Dania Uritskiy Dania Uritskiy, LMSW, received her Bachelor's in Social Work in 2014 from The Catholic University of America, and decided to return for her Master's in Social Work at the University of Maryland Baltimore during the 2016-2017 school year. During this time she was placed as an intern through Student Support and Wellness Services. She provided counseling services, facilitated Wellness Workshops, and helped organize the first Community Resource Fair. After graduating with her Master's in July 2017, she worked with people experiencing homelessness in Baltimore City. She is excited to be back at BCCC.  Along with therapy, Dania’s background includes navigating the social service system and coordinating care services for client's throughout Baltimore City.  Dania is a Maryland native, who is of El Salvadoran decent.  She is fluent in both English and Spanish.  

Cortney Merritt (counselor)

  • Cortney Merritt Cortney Merritt is an urban social work practitioner completing her concentration field placement here at BCCC in the Student Support and Wellness Services. She will be receiving her MSW from Morgan State University as a key representative of the National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW). Her passion for this work comes from knowing the importance of building relationships, advocating for others, sharing resources, and demonstrating acceptance at every level. Cortney is able to fulfill this passion in clinical and community work with the wonderful students and staff of BCCC.

Daniel Stewart (counselor)

  • Daniel Stewart As a graduate student at the University of Maryland, Daniel is pursuing a lifelong goal of graduating with a master’s degree in social work and was given the unique opportunity in serving others in helping them excel and achieve their life and academic ambitions. Throughout his experience at BCCC, he noticed how much he has been moved by the students and their experiences. He realized that he is not a mere counselor but someone who learns as much as teaches, someone who gets inspired as much as inspires, and someone who is affected as much as effects. It is Daniels great privilege to be a part of the exceptional growth that takes place with our diverse student body at BCCC.  

Charisma Thomas (Administrative Assistant)

  • Charisma Thomas Charisma Thomas is the administrative assistant to Student Support and Wellness Services as well as Title IX and Judicial Affairs. Charisma assists with the clerical needs of these departments and contributes her skills to many projects. She has been an administrative assistant to non- profits specializing in human services as well as other agencies totaling over four years of experience.  Charisma’s desire to help everyone serves her well in her position here at BCCC. As an active supporter in the BCCC community, she has developed a mentoring relationship with student athletes, advocates strongly for the services we provide, and as takes in all feedback to assist in reinventing any service to better match your specific needs.

Josh Arinze (Student Leader- Truth Initiative)

  • Josh serves as Student Leader for the Tobacco Free BCCC initiative. When not going over his schoolwork, he often watches and writes about cinema, reads all sorts of books, practices Spanish, or plays tennis. Here at BCCC, Josh wants to grow in his ability to contribute to the community and make forward shifts. He is pleased to collaborate with many others who are eager to spark growth in our environment.

Tamia Brown (Student Leader- Truth Initiative)

  • Tamia is interested in the Truth because she is able to set an example for the younger students that they don’t have to smoke to have fun, relax, or fit in when attending to BCCC. Tamia is a science transfer major. In her free time she likes to take photos of nature and people. She also enjoys volunteering.