Distinguished Alumni

  • Humanitarian Award

    Photo of Janice receiving the Citizens Medal from President Barack ObamaJanice Y. Jackson, CEO, Women Embracing Abilities Now-received the Citizens Medal from President Barack Obama, (2012)

    "In 1997, at the age of thirty-seven I started my educational journey at Baltimore City Community College. As a non-traditional student with a disability, I did not know what to expect. Would I be judged on my limitations or would my abilities be embraced? While at BCCC I held a 3.9 GPA and the positions of President of the Student Government, Student Representative on the Board of Trustees, and President of Student Organization for Disability Awareness. So not only were my abilities embraced but BCCC was very instrumental in helping me develop my strong leadership skill set. All of my experiences at BCCC made me a well-rounded student that allowed me to go on to receive my Bachelor’s and Masters at the University of Baltimore. As I reflect on my professions as the director of my own non-profit organization and an adjunct professor at the University of Baltimore, I know that my success started with my humble beginnings in higher education at Baltimore City Community College. Thank you my BCCC family!"


    Business Leadership Award

    Gino Gemignani, Sr. VP, Whiting Turner Contracting Company, (1988)

    Christine Renee Lincoln, Author, “Sophie Kerr” award recipient, All Things Considered seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show, (2002)

    Donna Lynn, CEO, Donnacize, (2004)

    John Carol Weiss, III, President, CEO, Chesapeake Biological Laboratories, (2004)

    Arnold Williams, CPA, Sr. Partner, Abrams, Foster, Noel & Williams, (1991)


    Lifetime Achievement Award

    Portrait photo of Eddie Applefeld Eddie Applefeld, TV & Producer, (1989)

    "My name is Eddie Applefeld.  I am a 1967 graduate of what was then known as Baltimore Junior College.  My major was Mass Communications.  Why? Because at that time in my life I thought broadcasting would be a career I’d enjoy, especially since I had an uncle in local broadcasting.

    Going into BJC (as it was known) I wasn’t sure exactly in what area of that industry I’d be best suited.  The two years I was there made that clear to me. By taking various courses, like writing, acting, radio production, English and speech, my career choice was made easier. I would enjoy being in front of the camera and microphone.  Acting in several theater productions was also helpful.

    It was also extremely helpful that many of my instructors were at one time working in the subject they taught. They could relate directly to their past experience.  To the students, that meant something.  So while sitting in class I could see myself doing what they did.  In addition, at that time there was a radio station and TV studio on campus, actually right in the Radio/TV wing.  So that meant I could apply what I was learning in class and reading about in a real radio station.  We also practiced doing TV shows. 

    I am currently in my 45th year of working in the local broadcasting market.  I didn’t learn it all at BJC, but certainly enough to sustain me all these decades."

    Dr. Michele Harris-Bondima, Former BCCC Dean of Business, Health, Sciences and Math Baltimore City Board of School Commissioner member of the Operations Committee and the Policy Committee, (2003)

    Lloyd Carter, Deputy Chief of the Baltimore City Fire Department, (2012)

    Senator Joan Carter Conway, Democrat, District 43, Baltimore City, (2007)

    Marshall T. Goodwin, Former Delegate Democrat, District 40, Baltimore City, (2007)

    Senator Shirley Nathan Pulliam, Democrat, District 44, Baltimore City & Baltimore County, (1988)

    Stuart Steiner, Ph.D., President, Genesee Community College, (1991)

    Robert “Bob” Turk, Meteorologist, WJZ-TV-13, (1988)


    Notable Alumni

    Photo of Lee Michaels Lee Michaels, Gospel radio, Heaven 600

    "At a pivotal point in my personal pursuit of identifying what would be my career objective in life…after serving six honorable years in the U.S. Air Force, BCCC was there to help me take the initial steps. Acquiring my Associates of Arts degree was a major milestone for me, having initially dropped out of high school for economic reasons, and redressing that mistake in order to gain entry into the military, which required at the time for the Air Force a high school diploma or GED equivalency. Walking across that stage did something not only for me but to me in light of my past that propelled me confidently into pursuing my career in broadcasting and has sustained me in my career for almost 40 years.  I can’t thank BCCC enough for being there for me, and pray that they will continue to be there for others like me."

    Kweisi Mfume, Civil rights leader; former President/CEO, NAACP, U.S. Congressman, and Baltimore City Council Member

    Devin Allen, Photographer, Photos of the Freddie Grey uprising featured on the cover of Time Magazine

    Carolyn Dabirsiaghi, Ph.D., BCCC Natural & Physical Sciences Department faculty member; Director of the William Donald Schaefer Life Sciences Institute

    Randy Dennis, Radio personality 95.9

    Norma Jean Evans, All American Women Basketball Player

    Barry Levinson, Academy Award-wining film director, television producer

    Dr. Ann Ritter, Women’s Lacrosse Coach

    Otis Warren, Baltimore real estate developer


    Photo of Lenora Dawson Lenora Dawson

    Lenora was a single mom determined to make a better life for herself and her son by attaining her degree at Baltimore City Community College.

    Lenora writes: "In order to stress the importance of education to my son, Jakobi, I needed to earn a degree myself. I enrolled at Baltimore City Community College and over the next two years, I would experience late night cram sessions and long hours in the library. Despite the hard work I was putting in, my son remained the most important aspect of my life. I remember many nights falling asleep in the rocking chair while reading to Jakobi.

    At graduation I was recognized as the Valedictorian award and also received the President’s Cup, both great honors. At the ceremony I has excited to share with my peers that, 'we all have the capacity to excel. We only have to know that all things are possible.'"

    Lenora received a full scholarship through Morgan State University’s honors program and went on to receive a Master of Science in Psychology/Conflict Management and Negotiation at the University of Baltimore. She currently serves as an Aide to Baltimore City Sheriff.


    Our Recent Alumni 

    Photo of Kingsley Anokwuru Kingsley Anokwuru

    "I cannot write a story of my life without including Baltimore City Community College. Baltimore City Community College is garnished and flavored with a variety of people from all over the world! A day in BCCC is like taking a tour around the world. During my two years of study, I have met people from over 20 different countries in the world. The faculty and staff are the best and show passion in what they teach and are ready to go beyond their boundaries to ensure your success. If I could start my life again, I would still choose BCCC. Baltimore City Community College has prepared me better for the future with great leadership experience and skills, time management skills, ability to multitask and how to give back to my community. I have transferred to Morgan State with a full scholarship. This is the foundation where eagles are thought to fly and this is where my success story began."