Life Income Gifts

  • With life income gifts, Baltimore City Community College invests the proceeds of your donated assets—whether in the form of cash, securities, or other appreciated property—and pays you, or designated beneficiaries, an income for life or for a specified term of years.

    Income-producing planned gifts can enhance your estate by enabling you to increase your income, diversify your holdings, reduce your taxes, and avoid the cost of probate. When appreciated property is used, planned gifts can also relieve you of capital gains tax.
    Your financial and charitable objectives will determine the structure of your gift.


    Plan for the future with a gift that returns fixed annual payments for life.


    Choose your preferred income structure from a charitable remainder trust.


    The information on this page relating to Gift Planning is intended to provide general information that we hope will be helpful to you in your tax, estate, and charitable planning. It is not intended as legal advice and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Figures, calculations, and tax information are based on federal tax laws, regulations, rulings, and rates applicable at the time such information was prepared. Individual state laws may have an impact on the availability of gift annuities. For advice or assistance with your particular situation, you should consult an attorney or other professional adviser.