Disability Support Services

  • Disability Support Services
    Welcome to Baltimore City Community College!  The staff at the Disability Support Services Center (DSSC) is delighted you are interested in pursuing your educational goals at BCCC. The DSSC holds as its goal the success and enrichment of every student with a disability at BCCC. 
    Here in DSSC we spend most of our time talking with students on a one-to-one basis.We are available to help any registered student with a disability assess their academic progress, learn strategies for successfully navigating the rigors of college, and discovering learning strengths and weaknesses. 
    We know from experience that having a disability does not necessarily preclude a person from following their dreams; in fact, a disability can be a positive factor for some.  Today, there are quite a few students who have been successful at BCCC with physical, learning, or psychological disabilities and we are proud of that fact. Although we cannot guarantee any student success at BCCC, there is nothing we want more than for all of our students to succeed. 
    Disability Support Center Services is dedicated to helping students with documented disabilities access all of the educational opportunities and services offered by the College.