Description of Services

  • Below are lists of services that DSSC provides but are not limited to:

    • Adaptive Equipment
    • Testing Accommodations
    • Academic Advising
    • Note Takers
    • Classroom Accommodations
    • Interpreting Services
    • Student Success Workshops
    • Assistive Technology

    BCCC is committed to the philosophy of nondiscrimination for individuals with disabilities. We offer support and specialized programming for credit and non-credit students.

    Each student with a disability can and must, to the best extent possible, play a primary role in understanding their disability, stating their educational goals, and describing their needs for service. Our goal is to help each student to grow in self-understanding, confidence and maturity and to develop into a knowledgeable and effective advocate for themselves. Through an ongoing educational process and support services, we assist students in achieving academic success at BCCC, while preparing them for success in work and further education.