Registration Process

  • The registration process plays a significant role in the daily operation activities of DSSC. It enables the office to track student involvement in the program and to provide appropriate accommodations and services to students with disabilities.  Most students register with DSSC after being referred by a professor, a college staff member, a rehabilitation counselor, a high school counselor, and/or another student who is receiving services. The registration process is initiated when a student self-discloses his/her disability with DSSC or makes a request for accommodations and/or services offered by the office.
    Steps to Register:

    1. Have the Disability Verification Form (DVF) completed by yourself and a qualified practitioner. The form can be found on the webpage under Forms or call or visit the DSSC to receive the DVF form.

    2. Submit the completed DVF form to DSSC and make an Intake appointment with counselor.

    3. During the intake appointment the DSSC Counselor reviews the DVF form and supporting documents to certify eligibility for services, gather proper information from the student, and discuss reasonable accommodations and services

    4. If eligible for reasonable accommodations, the counselor will make a second appointment to discuss and review reasonable accommodations established for the student.