Child Care

  • MSDE Licensed Child Care Professional & MSDE 
    Licensed Child Care Directors

    Continuing Education Program Description:

    Baltimore City Community College offers a variety of child care related courses that meet the requirements for licensing or certification in this profession. Classes are conveniently scheduled online or during evening and weekend hours to meet the needs of working adults, and are all in accordance with the Maryland State Department of Education (Office of Child Care) credentialing standards.

    The courses listed below satisfy MSDE requirements:

    Child Development:

    Child Growth and Development (45 hours)

    Curriculum (select one):

    Infant/Toddler Teacher – Online Infant and Toddler Care (45 hours)

    Preschool Teacher- Online Preschool Curriculum and Activities (45 hours)

    School Age Teacher – Online School Age Child Care Curriculum (45 hours)

    Communication Skills:

    Communication Skills for Child Care Professionals (9 hours)

    Additional Courses:

    Including all Children and the ADA (3 Hours)
    Breastfeeding Support (3 hours) Please note this course is only a requirement if you have children 3 and under in your day care center.

    Childcare Directors MUST complete the additional Child Care Administration course to become licensed.

    Please note these noncredit courses are offered through a third-party vendor and, therefore, are ineligible for the Senior Citizen tuition waiver

Course Descriptions

  • WDCE 1 - Child Growth and Development

  • WDCE 2 - Communication Skills for Child Care Professionals

  • WDCE 3 - Infant and Toddler Care

  • WDCE 4 - Preschool Curriculum and Activities

  • WDCE 5 - School Age Child Care Curriculum

  • WDCE 6 - Including All Children and the ADA

  • WDCE 7 - Supporting Breastfeeding in Child Care

  • WDCE 8 - Child Care Administration

  • WDCE 9 - Family Child Care Pre-Service

  • WDCE 10 - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)