Student Account Adjustment Appeal Request

Policy Statement:

Baltimore City Community College permits adjustment to a student’s account in the form of a refund, based on the College’s Withdrawal and refund Policy for Credit Courses. Additionally, a student’s account may be adjusted due to extraordinary circumstances causing exceptions to the College’s Withdrawal and Refund policy. An appeal request for exceptions due to extraordinary circumstances should be submitted immediately. No request will be considered more than one year beyond the semester in question. Forms may be obtained from the Student Accounting Office, Liberty Campus Main Building Room 027. 

The college will refund a student’s account in accordance with the established Withdrawal and Refund Policy for credit courses. Additionally, the following appeal process is recommended for implementation related to refunds or waivers due to extraordinary circumstances. The student will complete the “Student Accounting Adjustment Appeal Request Form” at the Student Accounting Office which requires the student to fully document the situation.

Outline and document new Student Appeal Process:

  1. Student goes to Student Account, and completes the Student Appeal form (download to fill out): only for the last year. Any appeals older than 1 year will be handled on a case by case basis.
  2. Students submit appeal form, and any documentation they have to a Student Accounting Clerk. The Student Accounting clerk prints the 315 screen for the semester or semesters in question, and the student’s entire account.
  3. The Student Accounting clerk submits the documentation to the Bursar.
  4. The Bursar requests any documentation needed from Financial Aid, Records and Registration or the Admissions Office.
  5. The Bursar reviews all documentation, and the Policy and Procedures (and other regulations applicable) and determines if there was a college error.
  6. If the Bursar determines there was a college error, and the student is registered for classes (or needs to be reinstated into classes). The Bursar will forward the withdrawal form/reinstatement form to Records and Registration along with the documentation, and the necessary signatures.
  7. Records and Registration will withdraw/reinstate the student. 
  8. Once Records and Registration has withdrawn/reinstated the student, the Bursar will have a Student Accounting Clerk adjust the student’s account if applicable. The Student Accounting Clerk will also prepare a CCU adjustment if applicable.
  9. The Bursar will send a letter to the student letting the student know the appeal was approved, and the adjustment was posted to their account. The documentation will also be included with letter.
  10. If the Bursar determines the college did not make an error a letter will be sent to the student notifying them that their appeal was denied. The documentation will also be included with the letter.