Office Administration, AAS

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    Office Administration Programs focus on office occupational courses that allow students to develop or refine job skills which contribute to the overall quality and productivity goals of business and industry. At the same time, students are permitted to select a specialty from a variety of career programs. In addition to a common core of office administration courses and courses specific to a student’s area of interest, each program includes courses that address the non-technical skills necessary for a staff member to become part of the office team. Further, students develop skills in a balanced manner which allows them to pursue realistic employment opportunities at the end of any semester of study.

    Office Administration Programs provide a strong academic basis for a lifetime of growth within the profession. In addition to acquiring highly specialized skills and optional certification in specific areas, students may transfer a significant number of credits toward business programs at four-year colleges and universities.

    Office personnel are employed in organizations of every description. Therefore, employment is not dependent on the fortunes of any single sector of the economy. Well-qualified and experienced office staff will continue to be in great demand and should find many job opportunities.

Administrative Assistant Option (259)

  • This option is designed to provide graduates with the expertise necessary to function as top-notch administrative support personnel. Students pursuing this major may sit for the nationally recognized, Certified Professional Secretary’s (CPS) examination, after accumulating at least three years’ work experience in the field. The Administrative Assistant Program offers courses in six disciplines covered on the CPS examination.

    Students interested in pursuing certification are advised about the specific general education courses necessary to prepare for this examination. The Administrative Assistant Program is accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).


  • Quintin Davis
    Associate Dean of Business

    Liberty Campus
    School of Business, Science, Technology and Mathematics
    Business and Technology Department