Program Outcomes

  • Students are expected to learn the following within the Office Administration program:

    1. Knowledge of Work Environments
      • Describe the changing work environment and the skills needed by the administrative assistant to function in such an environment.
      • Conduct Internet searches to locate sites that provide information on careers, salaries, administrative skills, and other business information.
    2. Administrative Skills
      • Use word processing software to correctly format and complete business documents in mailable formats.
      • Produce complex documents containing graphics and tables with relative speed and efficiency.
      • Produce multiple documents required by a variety of office settings.
      • Accurately key mailable documents at 50 words per minute.
    3. Oral and Written Communication Skills
      • Use good human relations skills, in interpersonal interactions, as well as verbal and written communications.
      • Develop a written presentation on an assigned topic.
      • Edit, format, proofread, and compose correspondences that meet course mailability requirements and business standards.
    4. Personal Development
      • Analyze a variety of self-assessment surveys and make recommendations for personal improvements.