Behavioral Intervention Team

  • Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is a cross-functional group that is responsible for assessing reports of troubling behavior on the part of students, faculty, staff or campus visitors and implementing interventions that are in the best interest of the College and the individual.  
    Mission Statement:  The mission of BIT is to provide a proactive and supportive team approach to prevention, assessment and intervention of situations or individuals that may pose a threat to the safety and well-being of the BCCC community. 

    Goals of BIT

    • Provide a centralized location to track, collect and assess concerning behaviors in order to “connect the dots” and provide holistic support and intervention. 

    • Utilize a formalized protocol of instructions for communication, coordination, and intervention. 

    • Evaluate and review information from faculty, staff, students, and/or community members; conduct investigation to determine appropriate response.
    • Intervene early. Provide support and response to individuals or groups displaying varying levels of disruptive, disturbed, or distressed behaviors.
    • Monitor individuals or groups until there is zero threat.

    • Assess the follow-up. Ensure that services, support, and resources are deployed effectively.

    • Provide educational programs to better inform the campus community on the resources, interventions, and services available to support campus well-being.