Program Services

  • Program services are provided virtually and/or online through Canvas, Zoom, phone, or emails.

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    Academic Advice and Assistance in Postsecondary Course Selection

    The program embraces a strength-based and proactive academic advising model which recognizes and utilizes students’ strength to enhance their confidence, motivation, and skills. The resulting advisor – student relationship encourages regular contacts, goal setting and other competencies that students need to overcome their challenges. Advisors teach participants the essential elements of advising and course selection with the goal of enhancing their self-efficacy and self-directedness. They also perform degree audits and use the educational plans to engage participants for successful outcomes.

    Academic Tutoring

    Virtual and online tutorial services are available for all participants through the Center for Academic Achievement. Participants who are enrolled in developmental courses, on academic probation, repeating a class, or have low GPA are required to sign up for tutoring. Tutors teach study skills and provide intensive tutoring to enhance the academic performance of participants particularly in mathematics, English, and the sciences. Financial Aid Information/Assistance with Financial Aid Applications
    Participants receive assistance in completing the FAFSA online and all are advised to participate in the “Financial Aid Awareness” workshops organized by the Office of Financial Aid. The workshops provide information on the full range of Federal student financial aid programs and Pell grant regulations changes. For additional information on Financial Aid and the workshops. Information on public and private scholarships can be found on our Canvas page.

    In order to take advantage of all available institutional, local, State, and Federal aid, participants are encouraged to complete FAFSA online before March 1, the deadline for state aid in Maryland.

    Financial/Economic Literacy Education
    Workshops on money management, understanding credit, paying for college, and similar topics are provided to improve the financial and economic literacy of participants.

    Book Awards
    Interested participants should check out the eligibility criteria for this award, complete and submit their applications online. All the book award money will be offered to qualifying applicants on a first come, first served basis.

    Click here for the Book Award Application

    Transfer Services

    Transfer services offered include degree/graduation audit, admission information for four-year institutions, assistance with completing college applications, and academic advising regarding course transferability and requirements. Transferring participants also receive assistance to locate and obtain financial aid for four-year institutions. They are strongly encouraged to participate in BCCC Transfer Day.
    Personal Counseling/Coaching

    Participants can discuss personal concerns and issues that impact their academic success, in individual sessions and in a peer support group. Participants are referred to BCCC Student Support and Wellness Services and/or community agencies for issues that are beyond the professional skills of program staff.

    Peer Mentoring and Leadership Development

    Interested participants will be paired with Peer Mentors who will engage them through a variety of activities to motivate, enhance a sense of belonging and assist in navigating college resources. The program will train sophomore participants with a minimum 2.7 GPA to serve as Peer Mentors. Peer Mentors will be exposed to a variety of opportunities for personal growth and leadership development.

    Career Information/Decision Making Skills

    In collaboration with the Office of Career Development and Employment Services (CDES) the program assists participants in acquiring career decisions making skills and information about their chosen fields. Resume writing, internship opportunities and job search strategies including job fairs will also be available through CDES.

    Academic/Cultural Enrichment Activities

    Participants are exposed to a variety of experiences to improve their cultural competency, create opportunities for dialogue and the exploration of diverse worldviews. The program will collaborate with the Office of Student Life and Engagement to co-sponsor events such as tours of historical sites and Student Leadership conference/training.

    Assistance in Securing Quality and Affordable Child Care Services

    Program staff will collaborate with the BCCC Clarence W. Blount Child Development Center to secure services for a limited number of participants and provide referrals and information regarding off-site childcare providers.