Commonly Asked Questions

What is the Transportation and Supply Chain Management Program?

  • The Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) TSCM AAS degree program prepares students for jobs in the transportation, distribution, and supply chain management industries. Emphasis is placed on supply chain logistics, commercial, freight, and maritime transportation systems.

What Will I Learn?

  • Students in the Transportation and Supply Chain Management Program will learn to:

    • Identify road, rail, maritime and air transportation modes.
    • Evaluate supply and demand in transportation.
    • Distinguish transportation, energy and environment relationships.
    • Use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in transportation.
    • Describe information technology systems used in transporting goods.
    • Explore logistics in maritime transportation and freight distributions.
    • Distinguish the five basic functions of information systems.
    • Identify supply chain components and system foundations.
    • Differentiate rules and regulation by the international maritime organization.
    • Distinguish freight operation systems and actors in freight operations.
    • Explore domestic/international freight operations.
    • Describe technology used in freight transportation.
    • Identify freight routing problems.
    • Explore international maritime trade and logistics.
    • Distinguish port and shipping logistics.


What Careers Use These Skills?

  • Careers using transportation and supply chain management skills include:

    • Logisticians,
    • Transportation and material moving occupations,
    • Transportation, storage, and distribution managers,
    • Supervisors of transportation and material moving occupations


What Degree or Certificate Can I Earn?

  • Students can earn:

    • Associate of Applied Science degree in Transportation and Supply Chain Management

    Students who complete the AAS degree in transportation and supply chain management program may continue to earn a bachelor’s degree in transportation systems, transportation systems engineering and/or civil engineering at Morgan State University.

What Courses Will I Take?

  • Always check with an advisor to determine what courses to take. All BCCC students must meet the College’s computer literacy requirement in order to receive a degree or certificate. All students are required to complete the PRE 100 course within the first six credits. PRE 100 is an academic achievement preparation course earning one credit.