Developmental Studies Grade Point Average

  • The federal regulations that govern the Federal financial aid programs now require colleges to calculate a separate Grade Point Average (GPA) for remedial or Developmental Studies coursework. This GPA is separate and different from the Academic Standing GPA that is reflected on the student’s academic record.
    Students, who have not already completed the required Developmental Studies courses, must have a Developmental Studies cumulative GPA or average of 2.0 after attempting 15 credit hours in Developmental  Studies coursework. If, after attempting 15 credit hours in Developmental Studies courses, the students GPA is not a cumulative 2.0 after attempting 15 credit hours, the students financial aid will be suspended.

    Students, whose financial aid is suspended, can appeal the suspension of their financial aid through the official appeals process that is outlined in the Standards of Academic Progress Policy.

    This policy does not apply to those students who have completed all of the Developmental Studies requirements.