Financial Aid Disbursement

  • Disbursement of financial aid is the process in which financial aid awards (scholarships, grants, etc.) are released for posting to a student’s ledger and applied to the appropriate charges on the students' accounts. 

    The BCCC Financial Aid Office begins disbursing funds one day after the census date of each 16-week term. Students must be in good academic standing, actively enrolled in and attending classes. and meet fund specific eligibility requirements to have financial aid disbursed for posting to their ledger. Financial aid will be posted electronically to the student ledger account. The BCCC Student Accounting Office will post/apply financial aid to outstanding charges as appropriate that a student has incurred to date (e.g., tuition, fees, and books).

    Once funds have been posted to a student’s ledger and been applied to the appropriate charges, the BCCC Student Accounting office will refund any eligible credit balance to the student, via check or direct deposit, within 14 days.

When will I receive my financial aid disbursement?

  • Financial Aid will begin disbursing aid one day after the census date of the 16-week term. The Financial Aid Office reviews the student’s enrollment status and eligibility daily following the 16-week term census date and disburses aid to newly eligible students accordingly. If a refund is due to a student after financial aid funds have been released and applied to all appropriate charges, the BCCC Student Accounting office will issue a refund within 14 days.

When are the Census dates for the 2023-2024 Award Year?

    • Fall 2023:  September 14, 2023
    • Spring 24:  February 10, 2024

How often will I be paid?

  • A student could be paid up to a maximum of four times within any given 16-week term. The initial disbursement for a term is paid on the first day following the 16-week census date. Payment for the first disbursement in the 16-week term is based on the number of classes “attended” as of the 16-week census date (the number of classes attended determines a student’s enrollment status). A student’s enrollment status is re-evaluated at the beginning of each subsequent module within the 16-week term, and if a student’s enrollment status increases based on the additional courses “attended” in the subsequent module an additional disbursement “may” occur. (For example, if a student is enrolled for twelve credits but only attending six credits on the census date of the 16-week term, the student is attending at a half-time enrollment status and therefore will only receive a half-time payment. When the student attends the additional six credits in the next module within the same 16-week term, they will be considered for payment at a full-time enrollment status).

Things to Know About the Disbursement Process

    • Timing of disbursements is contingent upon students meeting all conditions for receiving aid and confirmation of academic activity or attendance per term.
    • Note that not all financial aid awards disburse at the same time in all cases.
    • It is a student’s responsibility to pay if charges remain on account after disbursements have been released and applied to current charges, or if subsequent charges are incurred on the student’s account after refunds have been cut back to the student.   To track the awards that have not disbursed, a student may view the information on the Panther Portal Student Self Service.