Financial Aid Bookstore Charging Schedule

  • Spring, 2024, Semester: Textbooks are free

    Important Notes:

    • No charging will be allowed before or after posted dates.
    • Students must be registered for the term for which books are to be purchased.
    • Financial Aid must cover all current institutional costs on a student account before charging books against financial aid is allowed (excess financial aid must be available).
    • Students must complete all financial aid requirements and accept their award.
    • Students on financial aid suspension during the charging period will not be allowed to charge using financial aid funds.
    • Any downward adjustment to the student's financial aid award due to cancelation of classes, dropped classes or ineligibility may affect the ability to charge. Students will be responsible for any charges previously charged to financial aid.
    • If a student charges books to their financial aid and changes are made to their schedule of courses or enrollment status and financial aid does not cover the total amount charged, the student will be responsible for any balance.
    • All Pell eligible students have the right to opt out of the process to purchase books and supplies that BCCC provides. If a student chooses not to charge (opts out) their books/supplies, or they miss the deadline to charge, balances for all financial aid will be issued after the official census date for the semester.