Purchasing a MTA Bus Pass

  • Baltimore City Community College offers our students and staff the ability to purchase bus passes at our Cashier’s Office. The requirements to purchase MTA bus passes are listed below. Bus pass sales are final at the time of purchase.

     Students purchasing a bus pass must present a current class schedule and a Baltimore City Community College identification card.

     • College monthly bus passes are $55.00; a student must be currently enrolled the month they receive a college bus pass. A student must have six or more credits for Fall and Spring classes. Summer classes require a minimum of three credits. 

    • Regular monthly bus passes are $74.00; Students with less than six credits for Fall and Spring can purchase a regular bus pass. Staff and Faculty can also purchase this bus pass with a current Baltimore City Community College identification card.

    • Disability/Senior bus passes are $22.00; Students or Staff must present a MTA Disability/Senior card with BCCC identification. (No class credit minimum)

    • Mobility/Transit Book is $42.00

    • Bus passes can be purchased with Cash, Credit Cards and Financial Aid; Students purchasing bus passes with Financial Aid must complete a liability statement. Students paying by credit card, the card holder must be present.

    Lost or Stolen Bus Passes

    • Students which have lost their discounted college bus pass can buy one MTA regular bus pass for $72.00, with cash or credit card only.

    • Students also have to provide a police report from Baltimore City Community College’s Police department.


  • Bus pass sale dates are posted at the Liberty Cashier Office room 51 main building and room 3 at the Harbor Campus.

    For further information you can contact Liberty Cashier Office at (410) 462-8474