Paying Tuition and Fees

  • Paying Tuition and Fees

    BCCC is Tuition Free 

    Students who do not qualify for free tuition can take affordable online and virtual classes.  The $110 per credit hour remains the lowest tuition in the Baltimore area and the lowest out of State tuition.

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    In state: $110 per credit hour
    Out of State: $280 per credit hour

Refundable Fees, Prior to the Start of Each Session

    • Consolidated Fee per credit: $15
    • Facilities Capital Fee per semester: $11
    • Technology Fee per credit: $10

Non-refundable Fees

    • Registration Fee: $26 per semester
    • Commencement Participation Fee: $25 per occurrence
    • All replacement ID’s and parking permits: $5 per occurrence
    • Returned Check Fee: $25 per occurrence
    • Transcript Fee: $5 per request
    • Diploma replacement: $20 per occurrence
    • Course Audit Fee: Same as tuition per credit hour
    • Parking Fees:
      • $25 - Semester full-time
      • $15 - Semester part-time
      • $15 - Summer (new students only)
    • In House Deffered Payment Fee $20
      (a one-time fee per semester to defer payment)
    • Testing Center Fees - Online scheduling fee is an additional $3
      • Proctoring Fee (TEAS, ParaPro, CLEP, etc.): $25
      • Proctoring Fee (Accuplacer Remote, CLEP, ParaPro, etc.): $35
      • Examinations for Students from Other Colleges, etc.): $35
      • BCCC Students:
      • Non-BCCC Students:
    • Academic Exams Fees
      • Credit by examination (Science, Nursing, & Writing courses): $35
      • Credit by examination (All other courses): $25
      • Credit by examination (Science, Nursing, & Writing courses): $45
      • Credit by examination (All other courses): $35

Student Refunds

  • BCCC student refunds are processed using ECSI. To select a refund method, you must register with ECSI.

    Login to ECSI’s website: You must use your Banner ID as your username. For direct deposit, you are required to enter bank account information for which you are designated as the primary account holder.

    **Direct deposit is the fastest method to receive a refund.**

    Failure to select direct deposit as your refund method results in the defaulted paper check method. Checks are mailed to the active permanent address listed in Banner. If you need assistance or have questions regarding the refund registration process, you can contact ECSI’s contact service at (844) 760-6052.

    Having trouble locating your Banner ID? Click here:

    BCCC New Panther Portal for Students - One Pager for Registration Website. You may also contact the BCCC Admissions Office for assistance at: 410-462-8504 or by email at


View the New Panther Portal for Students Video Tutorial

Watch the video and learn about registering for classes with the new Panther Portal.

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Contact Us

  • Liberty Cashiers' Office
    2901 Liberty Heights Ave.
    Main Building, Room 51
    Baltimore, MD 21215
    Phone: 410-462-8474

Full-time and Part-time Status

  • Full-time students take a minimum of 12 credits each semester (6 credits for Summer). Any student taking fewer credits is considered a part-time student.

International Students

  • Students who enter the College with a student visa or non-immigrant visa are classified as Out-of-State regardless of the student’s age or length of time residing in Maryland, and are not eligible for the senior citizen tuition waiver. 

Senior Tuition Waiver

    • For Maryland residents age 60 and over, at time of registration

    • Register for courses during Senior Registration period; see Academic Calendar 

    • Student is responsible for paying the following:

      • Credit courses - $20 administrative fee plus other mandatory fees per course
      • Non-credit courses - $10 fee plus other mandatory fees per course