• April 13, 2020

    Dear BCCC Students:

    I want to provide some quick updates and I trust that everyone was able to give thanks over this past holiday weekend.  We are very thankful that you are with us at BCCC.

    Last week, I held a Virtual Town Hall meeting with BCCC faculty and staff.   I was very proud, although it does not surprise me, to share a good number of the questions focused on you – our students.  The faculty and staff are aware of your needs and are very eager to provide the support and outreach that will ensure your success.  Obviously, the instructional needs and changes to facilitate student learning are the primary work and focus that have consumed their attention.

    I would like to host a Virtual Talk with you, our students, on Wednesday, April 15 from 12:00 pm until 1:00 pm.  This will be an opportunity for you to submit questions and share ideas about how we can further support you and your peers.  I also want to hear how you are taking care of yourself during this time (examples like exercise, new hobbies, cooking, meditating, online support, social media, etc.).  Please submit your questions and comments by Wednesday, April 15 at 9:00 am using this form.  You may be prompted to sign in using your Gmail account.  You will be able to join the Virtual Talk via Zoom by video or audio and the executive leadership at BCCC will join me to respond to some of your questions.  Please refer to your student email to find the ZOOM link to the Virtual Talk.

    Student Resources:

    Please visit our Student Resources page for a list of available resources including free internet options, technical and Canvas support, online tutoring and wellness services.  We are continually updating this page so be sure to visit frequently. Information is also available within the tutoring shells and the Canvas Student Lounge.  I encourage you to contact your instructors if you are experiencing any issues with online learning and you can also reach out to your Dean:


    Some students have inquired about internet service.  We have provided a link to available providers on our website including potential options for free internet for 60 days.  You are encouraged to speak with your faculty who can help identify other solutions to additional technology needs. 


    Our Academic and Student Affairs divisions have worked to identify the best possible solution for how grades will be assigned this semester.  We will be offering Pass/Fail grades for developmental courses only.  Students who were required to complete clinicals or field work but were unable to finish due to COVID-19 will be given a grade of Incomplete.  All other courses will continue to be assigned with an earned letter grade.


    As I shared with you in a March email, we are unable to continue as planned with our traditional Commencement ceremony which was to take place on May 30.  We are still evaluating all options which may include a postponement to another date, or a virtual ceremony; we will keep our graduating class of 2020 informed.

    Keep working hard and reaching out to us.  Continue taking good care of yourselves and your loved ones. 

    I look forward to speaking with you on Wednesday.  Stay well, engaged, and continue to stay close to home! 

    Debra L. McCurdy, PhD