• April 17, 2020

    Dear BCCC Faculty and Staff:

    Hard to believe that we have now made it through four weeks of remote work.  Thank you for your continued commitment!  As you may know, I hosted a virtual town hall with students earlier this week.  Over 100 questions were sent to me from a student body that is doing their best, but many are understandably very uneasy about all the changes that COVID-19 has brought into every aspect of their lives including their education at BCCC. 

    Even during these difficult times, we must remain focused on supporting our students by being responsive and providing accurate information across all channels.  Many of our students are under extreme pressure, and our role is to avoid sharing misinformation that may place them under even more stress.  If you have questions or need clarity on any facet of BCCC programming, processes, etc., please reach out to your Cabinet member or me.  I assure you that every day there are meetings with all Cabinet to review needs and changes; the respective information is then to be shared and discussed that pertains to each functional area and/or group at the College.

    Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor

    As I shared with you on April 4, BCCC now has the Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor Canvas plug-ins to allow faculty to conduct proctored exams in our Health Science programs and in our Math courses.  Trainings and other information are now available and accessible here.

    Latest update from the Governor

    The Governor has signed an Executive Order requiring masks or face coverings to be worn in stores and on public transit beginning Saturday, April 18 at 7:00 am.  Given the shortage available to purchase, here is a helpful resource from the CDC on how to make and wear a face covering.  Be sure to protect yourselves and others.  The College will remain in a remote setting until the Governor’s Stay-At-Home order is lifted and even then, we will evaluate what modifications may need to be made to ensure the health of everyone when we return to campus. 

    I will continue to share updates with you on a weekly basis or more frequently, as needed.  Be sure to visit the following sites for the latest information from:

    Another virtual town hall will be scheduled with you soon.  In the meantime, stay connected through social media and email, but do exercise some caution with any personal information that you are placing on media sites.  Send your BCCC home office selfies to bcccstrong@bccc.edu and follow us on Instagram and Twitter at my_bccc and on Facebook at mybccc. 

    Stay BCCC Strong and healthy.

    Debra L. McCurdy, PhD