• May 30, 2020

    Dear BCCC Students:

    During times like these, you need to know, “WE GOT YOU!” Take Summer I and Summer II classes at BCCC and Your Textbooks are on BCCC. Yes, as a part of our commitment to your success, summer 2020 textbooks at BCCC will be free of charge to our students. Classes for the summer at BCCC will continue fully online. So, Keep going to class. Keep studying. Keep going to tutoring. Keep calling on your faculty and the staff for extra help. Just keep going!

    • The deadline for registered BCCC students to request free textbooks for Summer I 2020 classes is Tuesday, June 9th
    • The deadline for registered BCCC students to request textbooks for Summer II 2020 classes is Friday, July 10th.
    • Textbook orders will only be filled for BCCC students who are currently registered for the Summer I and Summer II 2020 classes.

    The Bookstore is processing all textbook orders fully online.  Secure your FREE books at https://bcccbookstore.bccc.edu/. Orders will be shipped directly to your home, also at no cost to you. Make certain that your mailing address is current and you check your BCCC email for updates.

    If you have any questions regarding your order, email bookstore@bccc.edu. Please include your order number.

    Just know that our mission to provide quality, affordable education is at the top of our “Students First” priority at BCCC.

        Keep getting Stronger!

    Debra L. McCurdy, PhD

    Baltimore City Community College
    2901 Liberty Heights Avenue,
    Baltimore, MD 21215