Tuition Free at BCCC Fall 2020

  • Tuition Free at BCCC

    We’ve Got You at BCCC!

    The pandemic has turned life upside down for us all. If you are deciding to continue your college education or start it, BCCC is here to support your dreams by offering free tuition for the upcoming fall semester.

    If you are a returning BCCC student, just starting your college journey, transferring from your 4-year institution or transitioning to a new career, BCCC is here for you. With the lowest in-state tuition, BCCC has always been a great value at an affordable price. Now, we are providing free tuition to ensure you meet your goals.

    Through combining multiple funding sources, BCCC is able to relieve your financial burden through free tuition.

    New students, complete your application or contact or call 410-462-8504.

    Returning BCCC Students, contact Student Success or contact or call 410-462-8500.