• September 18, 2021 - Faculty & Staff Update

    Subject: Administrators Return to Campus 

    SALT and Advancement Administrators:

    As we have discussed over the past several weeks, after 17 months of BCCC operating virtually, we are at the point of transitioning staff and some faculty and students back to the campus.  I announced during the President’s Forum in August that the Cabinet would return to the campus on September 13, followed by line administrators on September 20 and finally the staffs on October 4.  During this week, I have walked through many of your areas and once you are back, we can begin to determine the overall needs and changes in assigned office space.   Overall, I expect that it will take through the Fall semester for all of us to reset and realign our face-to-face functions and enhance the workspaces.

    The following outlines the “Return to Campus” general information and what to expect as you arrive on September 20:

    1. First, if you feel sick, or if you have been in contact with anyone with COVID, “stay home”, notify your immediate supervisor, and get tested for COVID.  As an exposure protocol, if you arrive and then feel sick, we will ask that you immediately go for testing at the CVS onsite location. Testing is free. Provide a negative COVID test prior to returning to work.
    2. A list of administrators who should be on the campus has been provided to Security; please do not invite others onto the campus without communication as Security will likely not permit them to enter.
    3. Generally, the public will not be accessing the campus.  For the short term, everyone should come comfortably dressed (casual, etc.) until further notice (please no flip flops as they pose a liability).   
    4. For the Fall semester, you will be able to park in any of the open spaces other than Cabinet and handicapped; a parking decal will not be necessary until further communication.
    5. There will be a schedule to issue new employee ID’s and a form will be provided to fill out (bring two forms of identification).  Employees who have already been issued ID’s will be automatically revalidated.
    6. Face masks will be mandated in all open and common areas.  Certainly, in the privacy of your office you can choose whether to wear a mask or not.  While we expect small gatherings of 2-3 individuals, social distancing will be necessary; you are asked to refrain from gathering in larger groups.
    7. Some areas will have their suites locked with signs posted on the doors with office personnel phone numbers to call.
    8. Vaccinations are not mandated but very strongly encouraged at this time; we will look to the guidelines from the CDC, the Health Department and the City of Baltimore.
    9. A $200 vaccine incentive will be provided for faculty and staff who show proof of vaccination by September 30; the incentive will be added into your regular payroll check. Complete the online form.
    10. COVID-19 testing will be available daily on the campus through our CVS partnership; we are also arranging to have vaccine shots available on the campus and will provide that schedule once finalized.
    11. The 8:00am to 5:00pm work week (unless otherwise scheduled) is Monday through Thursday on site; Fridays will continue to be a virtual offsite workday to allow the facilities staff to deep clean the common areas.
    12. Cleaning supplies and PPE have been distributed to your suites (facilities can replenish).  Daily, facilities will be intermittently cleaning throughout the buildings, and deep cleaning on Fridays.
    13. Public Safety will be available to open many of the suites as we need to determine which of the swipe cards are working.
    14. Initially, you should bring your laptop as many of the office desktops do not yet have cameras (virtually meetings).  These will be ordered this week once we have a sense about who needs additional technology.
    15. An IT support hotline will be provided, and two staff (face-to-face) will be available to receive direct calls for technology assistance; this line will be different from the IT help desk line. Social distancing protocols will be adhered to when IT staff enter your workspace.
    16. You will receive an email from IT if your office phone needs to be replaced. Please ensure you office phones are working properly, especially student/public facing offices (numbers on the website), and the phones lines are being answered.
    17. While on site, we will maintain a virtual meeting schedule until further notification.
    18. Communication will be provided to give you direction about mail delivery and/or pick up. 
    19. For your convenience, it is suggested that you bring lunch/snack/beverages; there will be no cafeteria service, no vending and the bookstore will not be selling consumable items.  Of course, you can leave to eat off campus.
    20. The contact number for Public Safety is 410-462-7700 and Facilities is 410-462-8536.

    * Do not distribute or forward this information to your staffs as we are working to provide specific details to best inform them prior to their return on October 4. They will receive another comprehensive communication.

    We will have a Zoom meeting on Monday at 4:00pm with all administrators (a Link will be sent) to share and review some of the concerns and questions that have surfaced from your first day back on the Campus.  We will get through this together as we begin to prepare functional areas for the Winter term and Spring semester on campus.  Thank you for all of your diligent support to ensure student success.  See you on September 20th.


    Debra L. McCurdy, PhD
    Baltimore City Community College
    2901 Liberty Heights Avenue,
    Baltimore, MD 21215