• September 26, 2021 - Faculty & Staff Update

    Dear BCCC Faculty and Staff:

    I am writing to update you about returning to campus.  Since being announced at the President’s Forum on August 16, 2021, BCCC has been returning to campus in stages, with the cabinet having returned on September 13, 2021, followed by other key administrators the following week, September 20, 2021.  Most Health Sciences faculty have been reporting to campus since the beginning of the fall semester. We will welcome employees back to campus on Monday, October 4, 2021 (we will assume a 4-day, Monday through Thursday, on campus and a 1-day, Friday via remote).

    Other than the Health Science students, who will be on campus to fulfill their in-person lab requirements, most classes will remain virtual during the Fall semester.

    Most employees (except for those who have already been notified by their supervisors) will work remotely on Fridays, on which day the campus will undergo deep cleaning.  Employees who are scheduled to work Saturdays will work remotely on that day also.  The College will observe the masking, social distancing and physical barrier protocols below, but note that COVID-related restrictions and guidelines are changing rapidly, so we will stay flexible and adapt to changes as needed.   In other words, these procedures are subject to change should Baltimore City, the state of Maryland and/or the federal government impose additional guidelines. 

    Please know that your physical safety has been at the forefront of the College’s plans.  To that end, we identified measures for optimal ventilation, considering the capabilities of the existing buildings and systems on campus. Where necessary, the College made repairs to ensure appropriate levels of safety.

    Vaccination Incentive

    Everyone is strongly encouraged to get vaccinated against COVID, which has been shown to be the single most effective means to prevent the spread of infection.  As an incentive, the College is offering $200 to all employees who upload proof of vaccination by September 30 and agree to receive booster shots if and when they become available.  The link for receiving the vaccine incentive is administered by HR and is available via the Vaccination Incentive Form.  

    Face Mask Requirement & Other PPE

    Everyone who enters the BCCC campus must wear a facemask properly (completely covering both nose and mouth) at all times except when actively eating or drinking. In addition, employees who routinely interact in person with students, staff, faculty or visitors will be provided, upon request, with CDC recommended gloves and masks, and BCCC will make available to employees in facilities and public safety, shoe coverings, face shields and CDC-approved long sleeve hospital gowns.  EPA-approved hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol will be available to all employees, as they perform their duties.

    Social Distancing

    The College encourages the use of outside spaces to the extent feasible (weather permitting) to reduce the risk of potential airborne transmission of the virus.  Please refrain from meeting in groups of more than two or three.  There will be signs throughout the College informing/reminding all campus members of the face mask mandate and social distancing rules.  Employees can report and seek assistance in the event that others fail to maintain social distance and/or wear masks by calling 410-462-7700.   

    Remote Work

    Employees who have a physician documented health issue and qualify for an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act may be reassigned or permitted, at BCCC’s sole discretion, to continue COVID remote work. The College will ensure that work expectations are clearly communicated to employees who work remotely due to COVID and, upon approved request, will supply required equipment.

    Childcare & Eldercare

    BCCC’s standard leave policies apply to employees who request leave due to childcare or eldercare responsibilities.  Forms of applicable leave, such as leave under FMLA, ADA, MD Safe and Sick Leave or any other applicable College policy are explained in the College’s Employee Handbook and/or the MOUs.  Employees may also contact HR for guidance on available leave.

    Infected or Exposed Employees

    Employees who test positive for COVID may not return to work until (i) they have been 24 hours with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medication, and (ii) it has been 10 calendar days since symptoms first appeared and other symptoms have improved and (iii) they provide evidence that they have tested negative for COVID within the past 72 hours. 

    Employees who have been in close contact (as defined by the CDC) to someone with COVID shall be tested immediately for COVID themselves and notify their supervisor of the results.  

    Regular communications with employees from their cabinet will provide updates regarding COVID, new policies and procedures, changes in hours of operations and information regarding building closures or limited access to buildings.  If you have questions, please reach out to your supervisor, HR or your cabinet member. 

    We have been physically apart for a very long time and I am looking forward to your in person return on October 4.  Welcome back BCCC!

    Debra L. McCurdy, PhD
    Baltimore City Community College
    2901 Liberty Heights Avenue,
    Baltimore, MD 21215