• October 8, 2021 - Faculty & Staff Update

    Good Evening BCCC Faculty and Staff:

    We are at the end of our first 4-day week with our onsite return to campus, and there were many positive greetings between staffs.  Friday and Saturday will continue to be virtual work days.  Cabinet members have worked with their areas to determine and listen to any challenges that need to be addressed.  Many staff are engaged in sorting old papers and equipment in their areas and properly discarding materials that are not needed.  Staff should notify the facilities department if they need heavy equipment or boxes moved and discarded from their areas. The facemask and social distancing  requirements remain in effect and PPE has been distributed and made readily available.  Plexiglass has been placed in a number of common reception areas and will be available if needed for individuals with offices where students are individually served.  The first phase of carpet cleaning took place last week in many areas and today, the second phase of carpet cleaning for offices and hallways took place.  Likely a third phase will be needed to schedule the administrative wing and any remaining areas that may need additional attention. 

    I do understand that there are social distancing and physical barrier protocol questions; we are following CDC guidelines.  As the campus is now open, we are beginning to see a few students onsite and requesting services; this was to be expected.  In my earlier communications, I indicated that “Other than the Health Science students, who will be on campus to fulfill their in-person lab requirements, most classes will remain virtual during the Fall semester.”  That is true—classes are mostly virtual.  At the same time, it was expected that small numbers of students would begin to transition back to the campus to access enrollment areas (Admissions, Advising, Financial Aid , Registration).  Student Affairs leadership indicated that there were about ten (10)  students walking in for campus services between Tuesday and Thursday of this week; we expect the numbers to slowly increase as students have waited for the campus to finally open and wish to be served.  As we begin to see more students on the campus, some large open spaces (eg. cafeteria) will be temporarily converted and designated for enrollment management processing – this will permit some staff to meet with students and maintain social distancing. 

    Registration will open in a couple of weeks for the Winter term and Spring Semester.  For the Winter term some health science classes will be scheduled on campus as well as virtual; and Spring semester courses are expected to be a hybrid consisting of on campus - face to face, virtual and web courses.

    We will continue to provide updated information regarding course scheduling, protocols and facilities; and for COVID testing and vaccine services (see the Baltimore City Department of Health website at https://coronavirus.baltimorecity.gov/.

    Thank you all for the tremendous support that you provide for our students.  The past 18 months have not been easy, but we are getting through this together.

    BCCC Strong!

    Debra L. McCurdy, PhD
    Baltimore City Community College
    2901 Liberty Heights Avenue,
    Baltimore, MD 21215