Brand Pillars

  • BCCC's brand pillars encapsulate and define the most valued aspects and impact of BCCC's identity, defining who we are, what we do, and what we value.

BCCC is transformational.

  • Baltimore City Community College prepares students for careers in the arts, healthcare, business administration, STEM, and workforce training. Outstanding faculty and staff provide creative, unique, and engaging learning opportunities for students who are seeking to complete an associate degree, certificate, workforce and career training, career certification, and adult education. We are at the forefront of providing quality education at an affordable price to impact student access to opportunity in Baltimore and beyond.

BCCC is part of the fabric of Baltimore.

  • Just like our home city, BCCC is dynamic, diverse, and evolving. We share a deep commitment with our community to create opportunities and experiences that lift and inspire everyone. We’ve served generations of family and friends as we seek to educate, engage, and improve the lives of our citizens, from high school students to senior citizens. From education to social justice, community service to national service, nursing to retail, we seize opportunities for all. As a result, today we are the premier workforce development engine in Baltimore, providing training, degrees and certifications that connect students to career pathways throughout the region.

BCCC is diverse, determined, resilient, and adaptable.

  • BCCC students, faculty and staff are determined that leadership, programs, resources, and engagement opportunities positively impact students while advancing the needs of our community, business, and government stakeholders. We are welcoming, diverse, and inclusive, representing students from every walk of life. We are flexible, adaptable, and resilient, creating innovative opportunities for a new generation of thinkers, leaders, and doers.