Brand Messaging

  • In today’s digital content and print age, BCCC’s brand style is often determined first by written content such as texts, emails, blogs, advertisements, website pages, print publications and more. How well we write to our brand is directly related to powerful, thoughtful, and effective communications. The more engaging our communications, the greater the recognition, engagement, and interaction we have with students, faculty, staff, community, corporate, and non-profit partners.

    When you’re writing for your students, partners, business associates, or others, you’re talking to them. How well they will judge and interpret BCCC's brand identity greatly depends on your writing skills, including how well you engage people using clear, concise, and energetic content. All content that you develop, no matter the type of communication or platform, should be tied to BCCC’s mission, vision, core values, and brand pillars. They are woven into the fabric of everything we communicate and define who we are, our vision for the future, and the values that we live by each day.