Refunds/Attendance Verification

  • The federal regulations (34 CFR 668.21) mandates that colleges, that participate in the Federal financial aid programs, have procedures in place to determine if a financial aid recipient has begun to attend classes BEFORE any financial aid is credited to a student’s account and a refund issued. The State grant and Scholarship programs follow the same guidelines.

    The number of credit hours for which a student is paid financial aid, State and Federal, will be based on the number of credit hours that he or she is enrolled at the time of the College’s census date whichoccurs after 20% of the term has expired. This is the date that attendance is all classes are verified by each instructor. If a student’s attendance in class is not verified, regardless of the reason, the student’s financial aid will either be withdrawn or adjusted to pay for only those classes that student’s attendance has been verified.

    If the student is reported for never having attended a class at the end of the semester, the student’s financial aid will be adjusted retroactively and the student may owe the college money.

    If a student who was reported for never having attended a class, or stopped attending classes, is reinstated in those classes later in the semester financial aid will not be reinstated.

    Attendance is verified after the 20% of each term. Therefore, if you are registered in multiple terms in the semesters, you financial aid for each class will not be posted to your account until attendance in each term is verified.

    Refunds or excess cash checks will be issued to students once the college has received the money from the US Department of Education. These checks are issued by the Maryland State Comptrollers Office.