Office of Financial Aid
    • Your financial aid is only an estimated award until the aid is applied to your account.
    • All awards are estimated based on full-time status. If you enroll in less than 12 credits, your Pell Grant will be reduced.
    • The Pell Grant only pays for courses that are in your declared major program of study. If you take courses that are not in your major, you will be required to pay monies back to the federal government.
    • It is against federal regulations to use the Pell Grant at two schools at the same time.
    • If you graduate from BCCC you are no longer eligible to receive financial aid unless authorized by the Financial Aid Office. Please make an appointment to speak with someone in the Financial Aid Office to discuss your continued eligibility after graduation.
    • Some aid that you have been awarded could be cancelled or reduced if you decrease the number of credits you are taking, cease to attend classes or if your eligibility changes. You must pay for any educational costs not covered by your financial aid award.
    • If you withdraw, cease to attend classes, or are dismissed from all of your classes before 61% of the semester has elapsed, the Office of Student Financial Aid is required by federal regulations to recalculate your federal aid, with the exception of work-study earnings. More details about this process are on the financial aid section of the BCC website. Please click on Return to Title IV Policy or the Attendance Verification and Disbursement Policy.
    • Financial aid is awarded for an academic year, fall and spring semesters (August thru May), and will not carry over to the next academic year. You must re-apply for all financial aid each year. The best time to apply is January or February prior to the fall semester of the academic year in which you plan to enroll. Financial aid does not cover the winter session.
    • Federal Pell Grant funds not used during the regular academic year may be used to pay for summer classes. To have remaining Pell eligibility for summer, you must not have attended full-time for fall or spring at BCCC or at any other institution. You will be responsible for paying any costs not covered by your summer award.
    • You must maintain a ‘C’ average in Developmental Studies courses.
    • If you have been awarded Federal Work-Study, you must work to earn the amount of your award. Approved Work-Study sites are located both on-campus and off-campus. Please refer to the Federal Work-study Job Bank.
    • You must maintain satisfactory academic progress and good academic standing to continue receiving financial assistance. Please refer to the Standard of Academic Progress Policy. You may obtain a copy of the policy from the Financial Aid Office or the financial aid section of the BCCC webpage.