Open Educational Resources

  • Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) students can now reduce their textbook costs to near zero through Open Educational Resources (OER) courses. OER is part of a State and nationwide effort to reduce college costs for students by adopting open resource instructional materials that include, but aren’t limited to, textbooks, videos, lessons and assessments.

    All OER classes have the designation of Z-Courses (Z for zero-cost, although sometimes the materials have a nominal cost) in our portal and schedule book. Students enrolled in Z-Courses know that they will not be required to purchase expensive textbooks.

    With the average textbook cost of $150 per course, students enrolled in Z-Courses can save hundreds of dollars and use these savings toward tuition and other educational costs. Another benefit of Z-Courses is that course materials are ready on the first day of class, so students can start learning right away.

    Students at BCCC can enroll in over 100 Z-Courses. For specific courses, check the Course Search.