English Language Instruction (ELI)

  • English Language Services and Basic Skills at BCCC


    English Language Instruction offers two comprehensive language study options for immigrants and others with separate program areas, ELI Academic Track and ELI Continuing Education.
    ELI Academic Track courses (ELI 80 - 82 Intermediate - Advanced) prepare students to enter academic major programs by developing necessary academic skills in reading, writing, grammar, listening, speaking, and note-taking.  Courses are taught by ESL-trained instructors who concentrate on getting students ready for successful participation in U.S. higher education opportunities.  Qualified persons may apply for Federal Financial Aid for assistance with educational expenses.
    ELI Continuing Education are English language training for personal enrichment, employment advancement, and community participation.  Federal Financial Aid is not available for these courses.
    Student enroll in either ELI Academic Track or ELI Continuing Education courses.  The ELI Guide helps prospective students determine the best program for them.
    At lower language proficiency levels, students enroll in ELI Continuing Education courses.  Students with more English proficiency may begin their studies in either ELI Academic Track or ELI Continuing Education and change to the other program in a future semester.
    The ELI year is divided into three semesters: Fall (August - December), Spring (January - May), and Summer (June - August).
    ELI Placement Testing
    All students take the ELI placement test (Levels of English Proficiency: LOEP) to determine their placement level.  The ELI placement test is an untimed, computer-based objective test.  Placement level is confirmed by the results of a 30-minute writing sample.
    Students must place at Intermediate level at least to enroll in ELI Academic Track courses.  Students with Beginning level proficiency enroll in ELI Continuing Education courses at Level 1 or Level 2.

    ACCUPLACER ESL Sample Questions


International Students

  • BCCC issues I-20s to eligible persons for International Students status (F-1 visa).  International Students may enroll in ELI Academic Track or ELI Continuing Education courses to satisfy their full-time study requirement.  For enrollment steps and deadlines, see International Students
    For more information, please contact the International Student Advisor.


Last Modified on December 17, 2019