• Baltimore City Community College provides quality, affordable, and accessible education meeting the professional and personal goals of a diverse population, changing lives, and building communities.


  • Baltimore City Community College is an innovator in providing quality career pathways and educational opportunities for a diverse population of learners to exceed the challenges of an ever-changing competitive workforce and environment.

Core Values

  • These core values represent the most important underlying principles and beliefs that are the basis for the vision, strategies, plans, policies, and actions of Baltimore City Community College. 

    Integrity – Unwavering adherence to a strict moral and ethical standard.

    Respect – Showing genuine concern and regard for the dignity of others while practicing civility, accepting, appreciating, and supporting individual differences.

    Diversity – Recognizing, accepting, appreciating, and supporting individual differences and lifestyles.

    Teaching – Impacting knowledge skills, and values that are essential to the success of the individual and growth of the community.

    Learning – Gaining knowledge, skills, and understanding that are useful to the individual and college community by promoting intellectual curiosity.

    Excellence – Providing excellent teaching, student services, customer services and community engagement.

    Leadership – Empowering, nurturing, and inspiring individuals to be leaders in their own sphere.

    Professionalism – Adhering to the highest standard of customer service.