Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives 2018 - 2022

  • Goal 1: Student success – Provide equitable access to a learning environment that supports a diverse population of learners and promotes student goal attainment.

    1.1 – Align, support and deliver courses, programs, and services to ensure progression, transferability and employability.

    1.2 –Utilize contemporary educational methods to improve and advance students’ academic and workforce preparation and goals.

    1.3 – Enhance the student experience by increasing awareness of and engagement with College activities and support services.

    1.4 – Increase persistence and goal attainment across all student populations.

    Goal 2: Community engagement – Implement a comprehensive approach to engage current and future students, alumni, and the community.

    2.1 – Reposition the College’s brand to increase awareness of programs and services and highlight targeted initiatives.

    2.2 – Grow partnerships with business and industry, government agencies, community members, educational institutions, and all potential partners in serving our students and community.

    2.3 – Strengthen partnerships to promote and increase access to student learning and transfer opportunities, collaborative planning, and resource sharing.

    Goal 3: Institutional framework – Optimize resources to effectively and efficiently support existing and emerging initiatives.

    3.1 – Ensure facilities, technology, staffing and instructional resources support a quality learning and working environment.

    3.2 – Promote an environment of professionalism and civility.

    3.3 – Invest resources to attract, grow and retain a highly-qualified and diverse faculty and staff.

    3.4 – Develop and implement a plan to ensure faculty and staff knowledge retention and fluid transition during times of employee turnover.

    3.5 – Improve the College's financial sustainability.


    Approved by the BCCC Board of Trustees on April 18, 2018