Third Party Billing

  • A third party (governmental agency, employer, or other business entity) pays all or a specified portion of a student’s tuition and fees. Sponsor payments made directly to a student, or sponsor reimbursements to a student based on grades, are not considered third party.

    To secure the student’s registration, each semester a letter authorizing payment (i.e. VA - Form 1905) must be typed on sponsor's letterhead or submitted as a purchase order, tuition assistance form, or voucher addressed to:

          Student Accounting
          Baltimore City Community College
          Main Building, Room 027 
          2901 Liberty Heights Ave.
          Baltimore, MD 21215 
          Tel: 410-462-8333
          Fax: 410-462-7477

Please include the following information:

    • Current date
    • Student's full name
    • Last 4 digits of the student ID
    • Coverage of specific courses and/or entire semester*
    • Explanation of covered charges (i.e. tuition, student fees, book charges, parking, and/or other fees) 
    • Explanation of excluded charges (i.e. tuition for dropped/withdrawn courses, penalties, facilities capital fee) 
    • Maximum billing amount (USD), if applicable
    • Third party authorizing authority’s name, phone number, e-mail, and signature
    • Invoicing information (phone and fax numbers, e-mail and billing addresses)
    • For new third party payers, the most current W-9 Form required by the State of Maryland for reimbursements

    *Any amendments to the letter authorizing payment must be typed and resubmitted.

Disclosures for third party payers:

    • Payments must be unconditionally guaranteed and made within 30 days of billing.
    • Payments are to be made directly to BCCC in U.S. dollars backed by a U.S. bank.
    • Bank handling charges must be included in addition to the billed amount, if applicable.
    • A third party payer with a past due balance may have its billing privileges terminated.

Disclosures for the student:

    • Students are responsible for any defaults in payments by the third party payer.
    • Students are responsible for notifying Student Accounting of any class schedule changes.

    Exception: VA Chapter 31 and 33 students. According to the Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018, Chapter 31 and 33 students will be granted an additional 90 days after the date on which the educational institution certifies the students. Students cannot be denied access to any school resources, enrollment or transcripts for any balances outstanding by the VA.

    In addition, the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 states active military personnel will be held blameless if their orders change, and the student has to transfer to a new duty station.