Touchnet Payment Plan Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Does BCCC offer a payment plan?
    A. Yes! BCCC partners with Touchnet to offer an affordable installment payment plan. Your courses are divided into monthly installment payments that begin before classes start. To enroll, access your “MyBCCC” student portal and select Touchnet.

    Q. When is my payment due?
    A. Tuition and fees are due by the 1st day of classes. It is strongly encouraged to make a payment upon enrollment. To secure your courses, you must have a payment method on file.

    Q. What happens if I drop/add a class?
    A. When a course is added or dropped, your balance due and payment amounts will automatically be adjusted in the payment plan portal. Please review and understand the BCCC withdrawal/refund policy for details regarding a complete withdrawal.

    Q. Classes started this week. Can I still use the Touchnet payment plan?
    A. Yes!

    Q. When is my next payment due if I have made my first payment?
    A. Payments are due on the 15th of the month.

    Q. Can I pay off my payment plan early? Is there a penalty for early payoff?
    A. Yes, you can payoff early! There is NO penalty for early payments/early payoff.

    Q. When does the payment plan open?
    A. The payment plan typically opens the month before the full term of the semester starts.

    Ex. Term begins in August; payment plan opens in July

    Q. Do I need to notify the Bursar’s Office that I have enrolled in the payment plan?
    A. No, once you have enrolled and remitted your payment, your record is automatically updated.

    Q. Can I add books to my payment plan?
    A. Yes! Once you have created your payment plan for the semester, please complete the Bookstore Charge Authorization form.