Tuition Remission/Waivers

  • The Tuition Remission and Tuition Waivers only cover the cost of Tuition. Students are responsible for tuition if the course(s) is dropped after the 100% refund date. 

    If a student is reported for Never Attending the student’s course(s) will be administratively withdrawn, and the student is responsible for the Tuition for the course(s).

Tuition Waivers Eligibility:

  • BCCC Employees: BCCC tuition waivers are available to full-time PIN employees, their spouses and dependents. The College only waives the cost of tuition for employees that receive a grade of “C” or above or “Pass” for a course for which pass/fail is this outcome. Employees must reimburse the College if they drop a class after the refund date or receive a grade of “D” or lower, or “Fail” for credit course.

    Contact the BCCC Human Resources Office at 410-209-6007 for more details.

How to submit forms:

  • To prevent your courses from being dropped, Tuition Remission or Waiver Forms must be emailed to, faxed to 410-462-7477, or submitted to the BCCC Human Resources Office. To verify that your courses were held, contact the BCCC Student Accounting Office at 410-462-8333.

Tuition Remission Eligibility:

    • BCCC Employees: Tuition remission is available to full-time PIN employees and dependents. Employees are able to enroll at institutions within the University System of Maryland (USM). The University System of Maryland schools, St. Mary’s College of Maryland and Morgan State University are included.
    • Non BCCC Employees: Please contact your Human Resources Office to determine your eligibility or if you have any additional questions.