1098-T Information

  • The Office of Student Accounting at Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) is pleased to announce that the 1098-Ts for the calendar year 2021 are now available to all eligible students through Heartland/ECSI. The 1098-T form provides information regarding the payments made during the calendar year towards qualified tuition and related expenses (QTRE).

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires all colleges and universities to request SSNs or ITINs from enrolled students in order to comply with Form 1098-T reporting requirements that pertain to educational tax credits (pursuant to the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997).

    Please visit https://heartland.ecsi.net/ to access an electronic copy of your 1098-T statement on the Heartland ECSI portal. To retrieve your 1098-T statement online, you will need the following:

    • School Name
    • Social Security Number
    • First and Last Name
    • Zip Code

    Students would need to create an account to review 2018-1098T; ECSI does not have access to any forms prior to 2018. Please visit Heartland/ECSI at  https://heartland.ecsi.net/ for any questions related to their 1098-T statement.

    To learn more about this form please consult IRS Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education.

    Always consult with a tax advisor to determine which interest is tax deductible.

    We appreciate your attention to this important matter and wish you the best in your academic endeavors!