Academic Renewal

  • Academic Renewal offers a student the opportunity to continue College studies without the disadvantages of an earlier weak GPA. A maximum 15 credits of D and/ or F grades earned at least 5 years before the semester in which Academic Renewal is being requested may be excluded from the cumulative GPA. At least 12 credits with a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA must have been earned since the last semester for which Academic Renewal is being requested. Academic Renewal is considered twice each year, in January and August.
    Specific grades are removed from computation of GPA, but courses and the grades earned remain on the student’s transcript. Grades of C or better earned during the period for which exclusion of grades is being requested are included in GPA computation. Academic renewal does not automatically satisfy academic progress standards for financial aid purposes. Courses approved for Academic Renewal do not count toward graduation or degree completion. The decision of the Academic Renewal Committee is final.
    Academic Renewal Request Forms are available in the Student Success Center and the Registrar's Office.