Academic Standing

  • Academic Good Standing at BCCC indicates that a student is progressing toward completion of a certificate or degree program. The College adheres philosophically to the concept of open admission; however, program completion and graduation require that students perform at a highly competitive level.
    A student is placed on Academic Warning if they attempt six credits or more in a semester and:
    • fails to complete 50% of the credit load in that semester (receives grades of W, WX, F, U, I, or IP) or
    • fails to maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) consistent with the College’s minimum academic standards, as follows:
    Minimum Credits Attempted        GPA      Minimum Credits Attempted       GPA                                      
    6-11                                             .80         3-6                                                .80
    12-23                                         1.20         7-12                                            1.20
    24-35                                         1.50         13-17                                          1.50
    36-47                                         1.80         18-23                                          1.80
    48                                              2.00          24                                               2.00
    Academic Warning is indicated by the words "Academic Warning" printed on the Student Inquiry Report in the Academic Status area. The student on Academic Warning is not permitted to participate in Early Registration until the grades for that current semester are available. A student in Academic Warning status must review his/ her program plans with a Student Success Advisor, who will provide an assessment of future course load and corrective measures.

    The academic load carried by a student on Academic Warning may be limited. At the end of the probationary semester, the student’s record is reevaluated. If the problem persists, the student is subject to Academic Dismissal. 

    A student is academically dismissed from the College when he/she attempts six or more credits while on Academic Warning and:

    • fails for a second consecutive semester to complete 50% of the credit load in that semester (receives grades of W,  WX, F, U, I or IP) or,
    • fails for a second consecutive semester to maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) consistent with the minimum academic standards of the College.
    Dismissal is indicated by the words "Academic Dismissal" printed on the Student Inquiry Report in the Academic Status area. The student is required by written notice from  the College to attend a mandatory Student Success Workshop followed by a reinstatement hearing with a Student Success Advisor to formulate an educational plan for completion of coursework. A student who is denied reinstatement may appeal to the Director of the Student Success Center. The student must sit out of the College for a period of one semester.  

    A student who is reinstated is limited to no less than six, and no more than nine billable hours (two courses) during the probationary semester. If the student chooses to take less than six hours, the Academic Status will remain as Warning or Dismissal. The reinstated student is not permitted to register for subsequent semesters until the initial semester’s grades are available. At that time, the student attends a follow-up hearing to ensure that he/she can handle an increased load and is able to achieve Satisfactory Academic Progress.



    Each semester the College establishes and publishes a course withdrawal deadline date. If for any reason you need to withdraw from a course, complete and submit  to the Registrar’s Office the Withdrawal Form before the deadline date. By doing so, you will receive a W. Failure to take this action could result in a grade of F and a bill for the course(s). Grades of F, like grades of A, B, C, and D, are value weighted and are used to determine your Grade Point Average (GPA). W, on the other hand, does not affect GPA.

    It is your responsibility to withdraw officially from any class that you will not be able to complete successfully. By taking this action, you will be helping to safeguard your immediate GPA, your permanent grade history, and possibly your financial aid. See Add/Drop/Withdrawal Procedure.