What is FERPA (Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act?

    A federal law enacted in 1974 that protects the privacy of student records or those records that are directly related to the student and maintained by the institution. An educational record is any student related piece of paper or information displayed on a computer screen regarding student enrollment, grades, transcripts, schedules, notes, personal information, student bills or financial aid records.

    FERPA applies to students, parents/guardians, family members, school officials, other outside institutions and government agencies.

    What Parents/Guardians Should Know

    A college student’s educational records are protected by FERPA.

    Under FERPA, at the post-secondary level, release of educational records or information is under the control of the student. Parents/guardians do not have the right to inspect or access a student’s educational or information record without written approval from the student. 
    Directory Information 

    Directory information is data that an institution may disclose if it has given public notice to students or, if applicable, parents/guardians. A student has the right to request that information not be released by sending a letter to the Director of Records and Registration. BCCC directory information includes:

    Student name
    Student’s program of study
    Dates of enrollment
    Full-time/part-time status
    Degrees or certificates awarded
    Participation in recognized activities/sports 
    Exceptional Circumstances 

    BCCC may disclose student information such as class schedules, transcripts or grades if the parent /guardian can:

    A) Prove the student is a dependent by providing a copy of their most recent IRS return and a signed and dated written request to the Director of Records and Registration.   
    B) BCCC must also receive signed and dated written consent from the student with a description of the information to be released or a completed BCCC FERPA Release Form signed by the student. This consent is required by law. 


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