Test Center Policies

  • Academic Integrity/Code of Conduct

    All students are expected to adhere to the BCCC Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity policies. Students completing vendor-based exams and exams for other institutions and organizations are also required to abide by the exam policies and procedures outlined by those organizations.

    Anyone who violates these procedures will not be permitted to start or continue their exam session. Violations will be reported to the BCCC Judicial Affairs office, the instructor, exam vendor, and/or other required parties.


    All students, except those taking the Accuplacer, must have an appointment. Appointments may be scheduled by clicking here. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, your appointment will be voided.

    The following items are not permitted in the testing environment:

    • Food, Drinks or Tobacco products
    • Electronic devices (i.e. cell phones, tablets, laptops, headphones, smart watches, etc.)
    • ALL watches
    • Outerwear (i.e. coats, jackets, hats, hoodies, sweaters, scarves, etc.)
    • Non prescriptive eyewear, handbags, purses, etc.
    • Textbooks, notebooks, dictionaries or any other paper of any kind unless specified by the instructor or test administrator
    • Additional items may be excluded for specific tests or as deemed appropriate by Test Center staff.

    Lockers: Individuals will be provided with an assigned locker to store any items not permitted in the testing environment.  

    If you have a documented disability that may exempt you from any of these policies, you must meet with the BCCC Disability Support Services Center prior to testing to receive an approved accommodation.


    If your professor, institution, or exam vendor allows the use of a calculator during your exam, you will need to bring your own. You will be permitted ONE calculator of the permitted type for your exam (basic, scientific, graphing). The Test Center does not have calculators to lend to students. Electronic devices cannot be used as a substitute for forgotten calculators.


    An original, unexpired, valid, picture ID is required.

    ·        Acceptable ID Examples:

    • Government-issued driver's license or permit
    • Motor Vehicle Administration issued state ID card
    • BCCC ID
    • High school ID (must have a picture, a date/year, and not be more than 3 years old)
    • Government-issued passport, passport card, or U.S. Global Entry identification card
    • Government-issued military or national identification card
    • Tribal ID card
    • Government-issued Naturalization card or certificate of citizenship
    • College Board Student ID Form; must be prepared by the school you currently attend

    Unacceptable ID Examples:

    • Any document that does not meet the requirements
    • Any document that is worn, torn, scuffed, scarred, or otherwise damaged
    • Electronic document presented on a device
    • Any document that appears tampered with or digitally altered
    • Any document that bears a statement such as "not valid as identification"
    • Credit or debit card of any kind, even one with a photograph
    • Birth certificate
    • Social Security card
    • Employee ID card
    • Missing Child ("ChildFind") ID card
    • Any temporary ID card

    Certain exams may require additional and/or alternative identification. 


    Only students actively taking tests are permitted in the Test Center. All other individuals will be asked to wait in another area. Children under the age of 16 cannot be left unattended in the Testing Center or on other campus.