• Deferred Payment Plan – Non-Credit Students Annual

    Baltimore City Community College uses Heartland/ECSI to process the College’s Deferred Payment plans for the students taking Non-credit courses. The Deferred payment plan allows students to defer their tuition, fees and textbooks for the Spring and Fall semesters only. Students can also setup a deferred payment plan for just their textbooks if needed. Payments will be due on the 10th of each month.

    Any changes in registration will be automatically forwarded to Heartland the following day. This will adjust student’s monthly payments.

    Once the student has added textbooks to their deferred payment plan they need to contact the AR Clerk or the Bursar to setup their bookstore account. The bookstore account will be setup for the total amount that the student applied to the deferred payment plan.

    Contact the Student Accounting office at (410)462- 8333 for the details of setting up a payment plan, or send an email to studentaccounting@bccc.edu.

    Heartland/ECSI will charge students a $50.00 application fee each semester.

    Click here to process your Tuition Payment Plan: https://www.ecsi.net/bccc/annual.html

    Payment Methods

    • Automatic Bank Payment (ACH): checking or savings accounts
    • Credit Card/Debit Card: MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express

    Cost to Participate

    • No Down Payment Required. Students will be billed on the 10th of each month.
    • Non-refundable Enrollment Fee per semester: $50
    • Returned payment fee if payment is returned: $25


    Annual Payment Plan for Approved Module courses for Non-Credit students

    Begins on January 01, 2018 and Ends on August 31, 2018

    Last day to enroll online

    Required down

    App Fee

    Number of payments

    Months of payments

    January 1 – January 31




    February - October

    February 1 – February 28




    March - October

    March 1 – March 31




    April - October

    April 1 – April 30




    May - October

    May 1 – May 31




    June – October

    June 1 – June 30




    July - October

    July 1 – July 31




    August - October

    August 1 – August 31




    September - October